Sensual Exotic X-rated Yummy

Four words that are accurate when it comes to describing the wonderful designs of Kai Lee Couture. The perfect gift for men to give their lady, on a special occasion or just because, and the perfect eye candy for us women to catch the attention of our man, even when the game is on. Ladies, coming to bed in sweat pants and a t-shirt filled with holes and stains is not the way to go, especially when this African American Entrepreneur Beauty, Kira McCarthy has designed an entire line of lingerie JUST FOR YOU!

Kai Lee Couture

It was my own man who brought Kai Lee Couture to my attention, on Valentine’s Day. A bag filled with crotch less panties, camisole bra’s, and cheek panties had me blushing  and smiling from cheek to cheek the entire night. It totally caught me by surprise, yet I was not complaining. As women, it is our job to keep our man’s attention in and outside of the bedroom, so why not make an effort to keep things sexy, spicy and fun in your relationship. Kai Lee Couture is designed to fit both of your needs. When you feel sexy it shows, and all men love a sexy and confident woman.

Kai Lee Couture

Kai Lee Couture

Based out of the city of Chicago, Kai Lee Couture brings you a sophisticated line of lingerie for women of all sizes. Camisole bra’s, cheek panties,  crotch less panties are just a few of the items provided by Kai Lee Couture. With many options to choose from, you can host a very sexy lingerie party! What’s not fun about having a luxurious private party for you and your closest friends. Perfect for bridal showers, Girls’ Night In, couples’ parties, or a private viewing in your home or venue. Check out my interview with the African American Female Designer Kira McCarthy.

Kai Lee Couture

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