Mireles To Morocco


MalcolmMalcolm Griffin, another great talent from Chicago, IL. The 23yr old, 6’3, 210lb Point Guard, is making his way overseas to play professional basketball in Casablanca, Morocco. From grade school to high school, Malcolm has always had the best teaching, guidance, and support from his two most admired family members. His mother Michele Griffin and his grandfather “Big Mike”. While attending Arnold Mireles Academy Malcolm’s grandfather was not just there as his basketball coach from 6th – 8th grade, but he was also there making sure Malcolm stayed out of trouble and continued to be the honor’s student he was. “He’s taught me everything about basketball, and the characteristics of being a man, he’s pretty much the only man I’ve ever needed in my life”, says Malcolm.Big Mike (Grandfather)

Malcolm made his way over to Hyde Park Academy, where he continued to be an honor’s student and play basketball. Under the careful eye of his mother, Malcolm along with the rest of the basketball team spent their time playing Volleyball for Malcolm’s mom, during the off season. As the “team mom” she made sure her son and his friends stayed off the terrible streets of Chicago, and occupied their time doing something positive and recreational so they wouldn’t become another statistic. “My mother help make me the man I am today. She has always wanted me to be a man of my word and stay focused on my goals.”-Malcolm.

Michele (Mother)
With a verbal commitment to attend and play for the University of Toledo, Malcolm completed two years  there before leaving. Much to Malcolm’s dismay, he didn’t have the basketball career there that he was hoping for. Looking back on the year after leaving the University of Toledo, Malcolm saw the path he was headed on, and it was not the one his mom and grandfather set out for him, so he decided to change his ways. Instead of becoming another statistic, Malcolm began to work and train hard to get back the work ethic he was use to. Getting better grades and back into shape. Malcolm still played basketball back home in Chicago, for local tournaments and eventually was recruited, and made his way to play basketball for Fresno Pacific University. While there he was able to take his team to the Final 4 and gain All American Honors for his final two years at Fresno. While at Fresno University Malcolm studied Kinesiology, the scientific study of human movement.

MalcolmDuring my interview with Malcolm I asked him if he had any regrets about any of the decisions he has made in the past, and his response was well worth the listen. Even though he feels blessed to be on his current journey and will always love his mom for everything she has done for him, he regrets not seizing the opportunity to work out for University of Kentucky Head coach, John Calipari. At the time of this opportunity, Malcolm made the verbal commitment to play for the University of Toledo, a commitment his mother wanted him to keep, so that he will always be a man of his word. Mind you, at this time, Malcolm would have been a part of the 2009-2010 UK basketball team. During that season, we all know what happen to just about every player on that team, including the injured…NBA! lol  There was also a time where Malcolm’s talent was being over looked. Ranked in the top 25 of the state,  he was asked to play in a All Star game, with Robert Covington, Jonathan Mills, John Taylor, Brandon Paul, and other players. Malcolm was placed third string of the starting lineup, one of the last three of thirteen players, and guess who walks away with 28pts in thirteen minutes , and the MVP title. We all love an Underdog!



“I think now my work ethic is at an all time high. I work out all the time, and focus on staying in shape to an elite athlete” – Malcolm

But everything happens for a reasons. A facebook fan/friend by the name of Matt Hoffer decided to make a highlight tape of Malcolm’s game, and mail it to multiple agents, where Malcolm ended up on the top agency in Italy. He signed with Two Points Agency and landed a deal with Morocco, where he will start playing fall of 2014.


Another opportunity to continue a great work ethic,  to make a name for himself in another country and help win championship and MVP trophies. From Mireles to Morocco, Malcolm S.H.A.N.K Griffin, this young African American Basketball star is the next BIG Talent to rise from Chicago.







Follow Malcolm and his journey in Morocco


FB: Malcolm “FamilyFirst” Griffin



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